Top 7 Best-Selling Alcohol In The World

So, the types of alcohol in the world are endless. There are drinks that are drunk all over the world. There are local, little known to anyone. They are of interest only to tourists, and, well, to those who live in the area. But today we are interested in the first ones, best-selling alcohol in the world.

And among them we have chosen those that are the most popular by the criterion of merchantability.



    Whiskey is the best-selling alcoholic drink in the world. Which is not surprising. Whiskey is produced in many countries, although Island Scotch and Irish whiskey are still considered the best. Surprising as it may sound, India leads in the number of whiskeys produced. This is a paradox. This country is just very fond of strong drinks. Whiskey and rum, for example.

    In numbers: Whiskey is sold in about 219 million cases of 9-liter bottles a year.


    126 million cases a year. This figure could be higher if vodka products had fewer varieties. As it is, all kinds of moonshine, chacha, grappa and other spirits are not included in this number.


    75.2 million cases is not a small number, considering the fact that rum is mostly produced in the Caribbean. Well, there’s also the U.S. and, for example, the Philippines. Nevertheless, it is everyone’s favorite drink, associated with freedom, independence and, in some cases, creativity.

    a shelf with different kinds of alcohol


    Brandy and cognac are actually the same thing with the exception that cognac is produced only in the province of the same name in France, but brandy is produced all over the world. The method of preparation, ageing and taste are generally similar, so we include these two beverages in one column, but to be fair, we give separate figures for their sales.

    • Brandy – 57.2 million cases.
    • Cognac – 5.5 million cases.


    Liqueurs sell just over 30 million cases a year. Traditional liqueurs take the lead, including coffee, cream, fruit, dessert, etc., followed by bitters or bitter liqueurs like Becherovka or Jägermeister, with anise and anise liqueurs at the bottom.


    33.3 million cases is not a small figure for a drink that is not popular in all countries. In our country, for example, it is consumed only occasionally, or only by those who like it. Well, let us not forget about cocktails based on gin.


    There are only 5.9 million cases a year, but let’s not forget that tequila is still a specific drink, although it would seem that no bar can do without it in its arsenal.

    And there are a few not-so-famous drinks, but their production breaks all records (except for vodka and whiskey). Here, for example, Korean Soju, their traditional drink. It sold 99.4 million cases a year. Soju can, of course, be called related to vodka, but it is still a completely different drink, if only by virtue of its deposit. The alcohol is transparent, drunk in small sips, and can have a variety of flavors.

    Brazilian cachaça is also on the list of leaders – more than 40 million cases a year. And let’s not forget about baijiu, which is a traditional Chinese drink similar in some ways to our moonshine. It is not for export, but at the same time, if you estimate the sums earned from the sale of this alcohol, it would overtake both vodka and whiskey. Such is the paradox.