Cool Facts About Kangaroos

Kangaroos are unique creatures, a kind of relic of those distant eras when marsupial warm-blooded animals lived all over the Earth. Nowadays, they remain only in Australia, where they have become a kind of symbol of this distant country because nowhere else kangaroos can be found in the wild. Here are some cool facts about kangaroos


Fun facts about kangaroo:

  • The first fact about kangaroo: kangaroos live about 6 years in the wild and more than 20 years in captivity.
  • According to legend, the name “kangaroo” supposedly appeared because of a misunderstanding between the discoverer James Cook and the Australian aborigines – he asked an Australian what kind of animal it was, and the latter replied in his own dialect “I don’t understand”. This phrase was transformed into the familiar word kangaroo. However, studies have shown that this legend is nothing more than an amusing story with no factual basis (see interesting facts about Cook).
  • The front paws of these animals resemble human hands-using these dexterous limbs to dig out tubers and roots from the ground for sustenance.
  • In critical situations, kangaroos stand on their tail and attack the enemy with their two hind paws at once, inflicting serious injuries.
  • Kangaroos are outstanding jumpers. The dash, jumping forward up to a distance of 12 meters and getting up to 3 meters off the ground in the process.
  • Adult kangaroos weigh an average of 80 kilograms.
  • Giant kangaroo calves are born with a body size of just 25 mm, the smallest mammalian cub compared to the size of an adult animal.
  • After the babies are born, kangaroo mothers carry them in pouches on their bellies for another 6-8 months. Kangaroos come into the world so small and weak that they cannot even suckle milk on their own – it is simply injected into their mouths at certain intervals.
  • Else cool facts about kangaroos: Many kangaroos have the unique ability to lay the development of fertilized embryos. If the female already has a small cub at the time of mating, the fertilized embryo will not begin to develop until the older cub grows up or dies. The new cub will be born almost immediately after its predecessor leaves its mother’s pouch.
  • Kangaroo meat is considered healthier than pork or beef because of its low-fat content.

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And the latest fun facts about kangaroos

  • Kangaroos appear on the Australian coat of arms, money, and emblems of many Australian organizations.
  • Scientists identify about 60 species of kangaroos and their closest relatives.
  • When kangaroos rest, they relax their paws and transfer their entire body weight to their tails.
  • A mother kangaroo can throw a sick cub out of the bag to then produce healthy offspring.
  • Kangaroos are capable of speeding up to 56 km/h.
  • Kangaroos can hear and see perfectly – the animal’s ears rotate freely 360 degrees.
  • Kangaroos’ jaws consist of several rows of teeth. If a tooth becomes useless from actively chewing grass, it is replaced by the one that grows behind it.
  • Kangaroos are unable to jump backward because of their body structure.
  • According to the most approximate estimates, there are about 50 million kangaroos in Australia.
  • If a newborn kangaroo cub fails to move into the pouch through its mother’s fur, it is doomed, since the mother is not able to lift the fallen baby.
  • Last fact about kangaroo: female kangaroos can somehow influence the age of their future cubs – when they are young, they prefer to give birth to daughters, while at a later age they switch to sons.