The Fastest Shark

The word “shark” alone sounds frightening to humans – no one would want to be alone in the open sea with such a predator. And yet, although to the uninitiated it seems that these toothy huge fish all look alike, in fact, sharks are very different from each other. Including in terms of speed. For example, sharks living in cold waters swim very slowly. For example, the speed of the slow Greenland shark does not exceed 5 km/hour. And there are sharks that, in addition to their size and power defeat their prey by speed. 

What is the fastest shark?

The mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) is considered the fastest shark in the world. It is also called blacktip shark or mackerel shark. And she is also one of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous to humans predators. Scientists believe that mako sharks evolved from the oldest aquatic inhabitants Isurus hastilus, which weighed up to three tons and reached a length of six meters.

How fast is the fastest shark?

Mako sharks are smaller than their relatives, but no less fearsome when encountering their prey and humans. Mako can swim underwater at speeds of up to 70 km / h – that is, the speed of a well-accelerated car! And at the same time, this shark is capable of simply incredible jumps, jumping up to six meters high. That is, she is able to jump out of the water to the height of a three-story house!

mako shark

For such incredible achievements, the mako shark is capable of such an advanced circulatory system, strong muscles, and perfect body structure. And, expending so much energy, this shark constantly wants to eat, again and again, and so it attacks everything that moves, which has earned it resounding fame as one of the most dangerous deep-sea predators.

What is the size of the fastest shark?

The torso of the shark reaches 4 meters in length (the height of a two-story house), and it weighs half a ton, that is five hundred kilograms. It lives in the southern waters of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans, preferring to hunt at depth. Thanks to this, the meeting of man with this bloodthirsty predator is unlikely – and in this mankind is really lucky.

Nevertheless, some individuals swim in warm seas and can come close to the shore. The shark sees humans as its unconditional prey and attacks every time, and sometimes it can even attack fishing boats.

Although, of course, people pay it back in the same way. This shark is considered a valuable commercial fish, and people in turn hunt for it. The meat and liver of the mako shark are very tasty and considered a delicacy.

mako shark with fish

Calamari, turtles, large fish, and even dolphins can become the prey of the predator, which swims with the speed of a torpedo. Her huge and sharp fangs can handle even prey of this size. And the real war is between the shark and the swordfish. Although the mako shark has no particularly dangerous enemies – none of the sea creatures do want to mess with this formidable predator.

Among the other fastest sharks can be attributed to a tiger shark – which can reach speeds of up to 53 kilometers per hour, a white shark – whose speed is even higher, a blue shark – which can accelerate up to 69 km / h.

So, the conclusion from the above is one – stay away from sharks – even from the slow ones, and especially – from the high-speed ones!