Top 20 Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is a marvelous beverage with a long history. It has been grown, processed, and prepared in many different ways, not to mention its sometimes surprising uses. There have been many conversations and opinions about it. This has created a lot of interesting facts about coffee. Did you know facts about coffee? We have collected for you 20 fun facts about coffee:

  1. Ingrain form, 70% of coffee lovers prefer the Arabica variety and 30% prefer the Robusta variety. The first has a milder and more pleasant taste and caffeine content of 1%. The second is more bitter, but it yields twice as much and is resistant to disease and dry weather. Robusta has 2% caffeine. Growers of instant coffee often mix the two varieties.
  2. Earlier coffee trees reached up to 9 meters. Now they are cultivated so that they do not exceed 3 meters in height for easy harvesting.
  3. The green beans which have not been roasted can be stored for up to a year without losing their flavor. After roasting, the beans change flavor quickly, within the first two days.
  4. The Americano is a coffee drink that emerged during World War II. The American military could not drink European coffee because of its strength and asked to dilute the drink with water.
  5. Espresso is a beverage with minimal caffeine content. It is made by running a large amount of water through the coffee beans at high pressure. This gives the minimum amount of caffeine in the beverage.
  6. Coffee is still harvested by hand. One man can collect up to 7 baskets of coffee in a day, weighing up to 700 kg.
  7. Japan is the third-largest coffee-drinking country. It even invented a holiday – Coffee Day, which is celebrated on October 1.
  8. What makes coffee unique? Luwak coffee is a special product, in the preparation of which an animal takes part. The animal musanga eats only coffee beans. Its excrement is used to make the famous coffee, which has a chocolate and caramel flavor. Due to this specificity of preparation coffee is the most expensive in the world.
  9. Finland is the country with the highest coffee consumption in the world. Here, on average, an adult consumes five cups of the drink per day.
coffee shop

And else 10 fun facts about coffee

  1. Instant coffee was not invented by any gourmet or barista. The product was created in 1906 by a Belgian named George Washington.
  2. Coffee is the product that is the second most sold in the world. It is preceded only by oil.
  3. Coffee is officially banned by the International Olympic Committee. If more than 12 micrograms of caffeine per liter are found in an athlete’s blood, the Olympian will be removed from the competition at once.
  4. In Turkey, coffee used to have a special meaning. At marriage ceremonies, grooms took a vow to provide their wives with coffee for life. If suddenly the woman could not keep her vow, she could divorce on that basis.
  5. The elements that are contained in coffee have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel, preventing bacteria from settling on it. Because of this, coffee drinkers are much less likely to go to the dentist.
  6. Caffeine helps to reduce appetite, and speeds up calorie consumption and metabolism in the body. If you drink 6 cups of coffee a day, combined with sufficient activity and a low-calorie diet, you can get a nice trim figure. You lose 20% more fat when you drink coffee regularly.
  7. The first Parisian coffee shop was opened in 1689 under the name of Procope. Its owner was Francois Procope, a merchant of lemonade drinks. The coffee house was frequented by the aristocracy and bohemians.
  8. In Italy, coffee was tasted for the first time in 1615, and in Venice, in 1720 the world-famous Florian café was opened, situated on St. Mark’s Square. Rubinstein, Goethe and Casanova went there. And the Café Guardi opened there, was frequented by Byron and Liszt.
  9. Bedouins traditionally make coffee with the addition of ginger or cardamom. This gives the drink a yellow color and a peculiar and pleasant taste. The guest is served it as a sign of respect with the words “My home is your home”.
  10. In Uganda, green coffee beans are mixed with sweetgrass and various spices, dried and hung in special bags around the house. Such bags serve as both a decoration and a talisman.
  11. In every country different components are added to coffee: in Italy – sugar, in Mexico – cinnamon, in Germany and Switzerland – hot chocolate, in Belgium they drink it with chocolate. In Ethiopia, they add salt to coffee, in Morocco – pepper. In the Middle East, they add cardamom and various spices to the drink. Whipped cream is used in Austria.