Fun facts about sequoia trees

Fun facts about sequoias are a great way to learn more about trees. Most of them grow in North America. The sequoia can be over a thousand years old. In addition, it is among the highest trees in the world.

So, here are fun facts about sequoia trees.

sequoia trees
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15 fun facts about sequoia trees

  1. Sequoia includes only 1 species.
  2. Some sequoias exceed 110 m in height.
  3. Sequoia belongs to the cypress family, being an evergreen tree
  4. Did you know that the oldest sequoias on the planet are more than 2 thousand years old?
  5. Sequoias have an extra-thick bark, up to 30 cm thick.
  6. Some scientists believe that the sequoia owes its name to a Cherokee Indian chief.
  7. Sequoia can grow up to 1 km above sea level.
  8. An interesting fact is that the highest sequoia grows in San Francisco (USA). As of today, its height is 115.6 meters.
  9. The volume of the trunk of the sequoia called “General Sherman” is estimated at 1487 m³.
  10. The wood of the sequoia tree is not distinguished by its strength. For this reason, it is almost never used in construction.
  11. The bark of the tree is soaked with moisture, so it acts as good protection during forest fires.
  12. Sequoias are often called mammoth trees because their branches look like mammoth tusks (see interesting facts about mammoths).
  13. Each Sequoia cone contains from 3 to 7 seeds, 3-4 mm long.
  14. Sequoias are found only in regions with high humidity.
  15. Fifteen of the presently growing sequoias are over 110 m tall.

What tree is the tallest tree in the world?


This is a Hyperion specimen of Sequoia sempervirens growing in Redwood National Park in northern California, USA


The sequoia is an incredible tree, nowadays, few places survive. The sequoia is a living relic of ancient times, and few can say that it does not take one’s breath away when one stands at its foot and looks up. These were fun facts about sequoia trees. If you enjoyed this article – share it on social media.

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