20 Fun Facts About Wednesday

The middle of the work week is Wednesday. Most of the week has already passed and the long-awaited weekend is ahead, so Wednesday is also popular among the working part of the population. Further, we suggest reading interesting and exciting facts about Wednesday.

Fun Facts About Wednesday:

  1. According to British researchers, Wednesday is considered the healthiest day of the week.
  2. On Wednesday, people try to fulfill the requirements for a healthy way of life.
  3. Three-quarters of all people refuse to drink alcoholic beverages on this day.
  4. It is on Wednesday that the most successful people keep their lives under control.
  5. It is not recommended to start any new business on Wednesdays. It is also prohibited to change one’s residence on Wednesday.
  6. Mercury is considered to be the ruler of Wednesday.
  7. Wednesday is said to be the easiest day of the week.
  8. Success often comes on Wednesday.
  9. All worries, mental burdens, and complexes of people are also visible on this day.
  10. The color of Wednesday is considered to be green.
  11. It is not recommended to rush with the realization of ideas that have arisen in the mind of a person on Wednesday because it will not lead to anything good.
  12. On Wednesday it is necessary to eat only light food because you can prolong your own life that way.
  13. Attempts to rejuvenate on Wednesday will be especially relevant because this day is ruled by the planet of youth – Mercury.
  14. Wednesday is the third working day of the week.
  15. If we translate the word “Wednesday” from Japanese, it means “water day”.
  16. Wednesday in ancient Rome was dedicated precisely to Mercury.
  17. In ancient times, Christians gathered in churches on Wednesdays for a common worship service.
  18. Wednesday is also a fictional character from the Adams Family.
  19. Mercury is the metal of the day.
  20. The Latest Fun Facts About Wednesday: Wednesday’s stones are considered hematite, agate, aventurine, and sodalite.

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Astrology: Things to Do on Wednesday

  • Meet with business partners and negotiate
  • Conclude deals and sign contracts
  • Buy and sell everything, especially cars and machines
  • Start classes, take exams, read books, visit libraries
  • Write texts and addresses, compose poems and humorous stories
  • Conduct financial transactions
  • Meet and mingle with friends, have fun
  • Make quick decisions
  • Make speeches, influence people with words
  • Think before you speak out loud

Astrology: Things you should never do on Wednesdays

photo of wednesday
  • Do not start anything new. It is difficult to predict how an undertaking will end and what results you will achieve;
  • Do not change your place of residence if you are going to stay in a new house/apartment for a long time. Only short-term moves are allowed;
  • Do not hire new employees. There is a high probability that they will not cope with the tasks and you will be disappointed; 
  • Do not move to a new position. It is better to tolerate another day and then agree, or quickly lose the promotion; 
  • Do not fall into the eyes of his superior, if you do not want to say too much and spoil relations;
  • Also prohibited to play the wedding and mention unclean powers.