Happy Facts About Life

Everyday human life is not as boring as it seems to many. Different facts make the attentive observer think about it, marvel at the diversity of life, or laugh properly.
But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes do not notice these things. Do you want to broaden your horizons? We offer you happy facts about life, which are sure to cheer you up and teach you to look at the world around you in a new way.

50 happy facts about life:

  • Statistically, chronic alcoholics live 15 years longer than people who work without vacations. Take more vacations, gentlemen, but don’t abuse alcohol!
  • 25% of our compatriots think about sex while standing in traffic. Oddly enough, only 6% think about work.
  • Blue-eyed people are less likely to suffer from visual impairment than those with brown or gray eyes.
  • Brown-eyed people are more adapted to worldly difficulties.
  • An interesting fact of life: the more often a man makes love, the lower his risk of heart attack. This does not apply to women.
  • In the morning we are taller by about 1 centimeter. Over the course of a day, our joints shrink, making us a little lower in the evening.
  • No person in the world can sneeze with their eyes open. Would you like to check? Be my guest! Just don’t do it behind the wheel of a car. Statistically, 2% of all accidents are caused by a driver sneezing and letting his guard down for a few seconds.
  • Women say 13,000 more words a day than men. All men will agree with this fact, but women may be outraged!
  • It is interesting that in a cold bedroom, you have more nightmares.
  • Foul language can dull the pain for a while.
  • The more often you overeat, the worse your hearing is.
  • A cat’s taste buds are not sensitive to sweets.
  • Men’s hair is stiffer and thicker than women’s hair. However, there is twice as much hair on a woman’s head!
  • If a woman periodically listens to an audio recording of a baby crying, in a week her breasts can increase by 2 centimeters.
  • There is a myth that designers invented a small pocket on men’s jeans to hide a condom there. In fact, it is designed for a watch.
  • The best cleaner for kettles, bathtubs, toilets and ovens is regular Coca-Cola!
  • Untinted Coca-Cola is green in color.
green Coca Cola
  • Flavored cigarettes contain urea.
  • The tone of voice of women who work in a men’s team is much lower than that of ladies who work side by side with other women.
  • Regular sex gets rid of headaches. Interestingly enough, not all women use this fact in their lives. But men can take it as an argument!
  • Left-handed people are more comfortable chewing food with the left side of their jaws.
  • You can stop yawning by touching your tongue with your finger
  • When talking to a person we like, our pupils involuntarily dilate.
dilated pupils
  • A four- or five-year-old child asks about 400 questions a day.
  • Fear of Friday the 13th is considered an illness and is successfully treated by psychotherapists.
  • A happy facts about life: the average person eats 35 tons of food in a lifetime.
  • Turtles can breathe with their hindquarters.
  • OK (okay) is the most commonly used word in most languages of the world.
  • 95% of e-mails are spam.
  • A champagne cork is capable of jumping up to a height of 12 meters.
  • Interestingly, in the history of the Earth no two snowflakes are alike. And neither have humans. Even twins have slight differences.
  • In two years, a pair of rats is capable of giving birth to over a million cubs. By comparison, a domestic cat gives birth to no more than 100 kittens in a lifetime.
  • In his spare time, the first president of the United States, George Washington, loved to admire the lush cannabis bushes that grew in his garden.
  • Don’t heat grapes in the microwave or they will explode!
  • The cow is incapable of going down the stairs.
  • Incredible but true: the biggest eyes on Earth belong to the giant (colossal) squid. They are about the size of a soccer ball.
  • Humpback whales scream louder than any other animal on Earth. The cry of these mammals is louder than the roar of an airplane and can be heard in the open ocean over 500 kilometers away.
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  • You won’t believe it, but caterpillars have more muscles than humans.
  • People in white bathing suits and swim trunks are more likely to fall prey to sharks on beaches.
  • A shark’s nostrils are an organ of smell, but not of breathing. Sharks breathe with their gills.
  • Babies have more bones than adults.
  • The lighter the beard, the faster it grows.
  • Interesting fact of life: The smartest woman (according to IQ test results) was… a housewife.
  • More than 1,000 people die each year from lightning strikes.
  • Originally cologne was used to treat the plague.
  • Koalas sleep 22 hours a day. WOW…!
Household injuries
  • Household injuries and heart attacks peak on Mondays.
  • Thirteen new varieties of children’s toys appear in the world every day.
  • The most common tree in the world is the Larix sibirica.
  • And that fact is creepy, even though it’s about life. Some sharks eat their siblings while still in the womb. Truly, survival of the fittest!
  • Contrary to popular belief, anteaters do not eat ants. Their main food is termites.