Top 17 Interesting Facts About Oranges

Let’s look at the most Interesting Facts About Oranges. Orange is a juicy fruit, that most of us have tasted at least once in our lives. It is easy to find oranges on the store shelf at any time of the year because there are a lot of orange trees in the world, and the volumes in which this fruit is grown allow supplying them to all comers. Orange is extremely tasty, at least some of its varieties. In addition, it is a real treasure trove of vitamins.

Interesting facts about oranges:

  1. The orange is the second most harvested crop in the world each year by weight. In first place is the banana (read interesting facts about bananas).
  2. The most common citrus in the world is orange.
  3. The Chinese have been growing oranges for about four and a half thousand years.
  4. Some orange trees live for one hundred to one hundred and fifty years.
  5. A large orange tree can bear up to forty thousand fruits a year.
  6. The crown of an adult orange tree is comparable to the crown of oak (see interesting facts about oaks).
  7. Oranges not only come in orange, but also in green, and green is usually the color of varieties grown in particularly hot tropical climates.
  8. The famous Bobby Leach, the man who went down Niagara Falls in a special barrel, died because of an orange – he slipped on orange peel and fell, hitting himself hard.
  9. In the United States, California, it is against the law to eat oranges while taking a bath.
  10. There are about 35 million orange trees growing in Spain.
  11. Nevertheless, the leader in orange production is another country, Brazil. Here they produce almost eighteen million tons of oranges annually.
  12. Moro oranges are a very sweet fruit. They are distinguished from their other brethren by the blood-red color of their flesh.
  13. The first orange seedlings were brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus.
  14. Interesting facts about orange juice: about 85% of all oranges harvested in the world are used to make juice. No wonder orange juice is the most popular juice on Earth.
  15. It is oranges that are the very “golden apples” from the ancient Greek legend of Hercules that this hero had to steal. It’s very interesting facts about oranges
  16. In all, there are about six hundred varieties of oranges in the world.
  17. Argentina has developed a special cargo plane to transport oranges. The model was called the Naranjero, which means “Orange” in Spanish.
slice of orange

How do you know how many slices are in an orange? (bonus interesting facts about oranges)

Instructions on how to find out how many slices are in orange, tangerine, or lemon before you peel it:

  • First, tear off the orange’s tail;
  • in the resulting notch count the number of small holes – their number is the number of slices in the orange: through them the orange absorbs the juices in its slices;
  • offer a bet that you will guess how many slices are in the orange before you peel it;
  • you win the bet 🙂

What are the health benefits of eating oranges?

lots oranges
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Reduces cholesterol levels;
  • Prevents the formation of ulcers;
  • Prevents kidney stones;
  • Cures constipation;
  • Protects against infections;
  • Keeps bones and teeth healthy;
  • Supports weight loss;
  • Supports healthy skin.

Thanks to its low-calorie content, orange is included in the menu of many diets, on its basis are carried out days of rest, because the juicy and sweet fruit for a long time gives a feeling of satiety. There is a separate orange mono-diet, the flat tummy diet, for belly slimming and others.