Interesting facts about oysters

Interesting facts about oysters are a great way to learn more about mollusks. Oysters lead a silent life on the seabed and can be of many different sizes. Today they are a real delicacy, due to which their value is very high.

So, here are the most interesting facts about oysters.

cleaning an oyster

18 interesting facts about oysters

  1. There are about 50 varieties of oysters known today.
  2. Both food and oxygen are obtained by the oyster through the passage of seawater through its shell.
  3. The average body length of an oyster varies between 7-13 cm, but a giant oyster can grow up to 40 cm!
  4. Oysters cannot survive in water with a salinity of less than 12%.
  5. In one year, a female oyster can lay about 500 million eggs.
  6. Oysters lead both solitary and colonial lives. Moreover, they can inhabit the water depth from 1 to 70 m.
  7. A newly hatched oyster has a leg that helps her get to her future habitat. After 72 days of life, the leg disappears forever.
  8. An interesting fact is that the taste of an oyster depends on the salinity of the water it was in.
  9. The energy value of 100 grams of clam is about 95 kcal.
  10. To make the meat of the oyster more tender, it is recommended to keep it in fresh water for a while.
  11. Did you know that 100 g of oysters contains 25% of the daily requirement of protein for an adult?
  12. Casanova, a famous woman’s heartbreaker, ate about 50 oysters a day.
  13. You may not have known, but the greatest amount of meat is found in oysters with the smallest shells.
  14. Clams contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.
  15. Oyster shells sometimes produce pearls, although this is far from common.
  16. Oysters are sex-separated creatures, but they can change sex if necessary.
  17. Scientists have shown that eating oysters increases the potency in men.
  18. Clams are eaten alive, with the opened oyster to be eaten within half an hour.
oysters on a rock
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Oysters are a specific delicacy with health benefits. For those who love oysters or are about to try them, we have collected all the most interesting things. These were the most interesting facts about oysters. If you liked this article – share it with your friends.