Interesting facts about the Coral Sea

Interesting facts about the Coral Sea are a great way to learn more about the Pacific Ocean. It stretches between the coasts of Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia, with a number of geographical, climatic and geological features.

So, here are the most interesting facts about the Coral Sea.

Interesting facts about the Coral Sea

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12 interesting facts about the Coral Sea

  1. The Coral Sea has a warm climate, with constant rainfall and tropical cyclones.
  2. The sea has an area of 4,068,000 km², with a water volume of 10,038 km³ and a maximum depth of 9174 m.
  3. The sea owes its name to the numerous coral formations that made navigation difficult.
  4. An interesting fact is that as part of the coral formations is a reef, which is 2300 km long! It includes approximately 2,900 small reefs and a thousand islands.
  5. In the Coral Sea originates the East Australian Current.
  6. In the waters of the sea is located Great Barrier Reef, which contains the largest reef system on the planet.
  7. Interestingly, in 1981, the Great Barrier Reef was inscribed on the list of UNESCO.
  8. The reefs and islands of the Coral Sea abound with different species of birds and marine animals.
  9. Few people are aware of the fact that the Great Barrier Reef is visible from space.
  10. Coral Sea is a famous tourist center.
  11. The number of clear days a year here ranges from 80-125 days, and the temperature variation throughout the year is 18-28 ° C.
  12. The largest atolls of the sea are Chesterfield Islands and Lihou Reef.

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