Interesting facts about the Yellow Sea

Interesting facts about the Yellow Sea are a great way to learn more about the Pacific Ocean. The water body is located off the east coast of Asia to the west of the Korean Peninsula and is of great fishing importance to various countries.

So, here are the most interesting facts about the Yellow Sea.

Yellow Sea

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16 interesting facts about the Yellow Sea

  1. The Yellow Sea owes its name to the color of the water, caused by the sediment of Chinese rivers, as well as dust storms.
  2. The first European who visited the Yellow Sea was the famous traveler Marco Polo (see interesting facts about Marco Polo).
  3. Today the sea is home to over 300 varieties of fish.
  4. The Yellow Sea washes the coasts of China, North, and South Korea.
  5. In the spring, yellow dust storms get so strong that ships have to stop moving.
  6. The Yellow Sea covers 416,000 km², with a water volume of 17,000 km³ and a maximum depth of 106 m.
  7. Many resorts are open on the coasts of the sea. The water here is warm and fairly clean, though murky.
  8. An interesting fact is that now 40% of the total catch in the Yellow Sea is anchovy.
  9. More than half of the bottom of the reservoir is covered with dense algae.
  10. In the stretch of water between Chindo and Modo Islands, a striking natural phenomenon called the “Miracle of Moses” has been observed for many years. About 1-3 times a year for only 1 hour there is a “road” on the exposed bottom, a length of 2.8 km and a width of 30-40 m.
  11. Curiously enough, the “miracle” occurs due to the difference of tides.
  12. Over the past 30 years, the average water temperature in the Yellow Sea has increased by 1-2 ⁰C, leading to the mass migration of some fish species.
  13. The biomass of zooplankton in the reservoir consists of 40 % of paddlefish.
  14. In the northern part of the Yellow Sea, water transparency does not exceed 10 m, while in the southern part it can reach 45 m.
  15. In the new century, several oil fields were discovered here. According to experts, the total oil reserves may exceed 20.5 billion tons!
  16. In the summer of 2010 in the port city of Dalian burst into flames, which was extinguished almost a whole day. As a result, at least 1,500 tons of oil poured into the Yellow Sea, covering an area of about 430 km² of water.

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