What Is The Longest River In Iceland

The largest river in Iceland is the Jokulsa(Jökulsá á Fjöllum), which stretches 206 kilometers, and is considered the main artery of the country. It runs through scenic valleys and narrow canyons, and many waterfalls flow into it. The beautiful landscapes, parks, and other beauties through which it winds draw tourists at any time of year.

The name Jokulsa translates as “ice river” because the source of the river is in the foothills of the  Greenland Sea. The first mention of the river was in 1625 when a bridge was built over it. Now this main artery is known and appreciated by everyone in the country because it is blocked by a dam for power generation.

For fans of extreme sports in the summertime, there are rafting tours on the river, which will give a lot of vivid impressions. But it is worth remembering that the river is quite steep and the current is very strong, so the rafting will not be easy.