The most beautiful jellyfish in the world

Flower hat jelly (Olindias formosus)

Olindias phosphorica

Olindias Formosa is a rare and one of the most beautiful jellyfish in the world species from the Limnomedusae family. The dimensions of these jellyfish are small: the diameter of the dome is no more than 7.5 cm, and the length is even less because of the short tentacles. An interesting look jellyfish gives secondary tentacles, which are twisted into curls when Olyndias Formosa is at rest, and a few primary tentacles (260-320 pieces). However, don’t let the beauty and brightness of these jellyfish be misleading – touching them is not recommended. Touching their tentacles can turn into severe burns.

Chrysaora hysoscella

Chrysaora hysoscella

The compass jellyfish Chrysaora hysoscella is one of the most beautiful jellyfish in the world’s oceans. Its body, which resembles an inverted saucer, grows up to 30 cm in diameter and is usually yellowish-white or brownish in color. It has a total of 24 tentacles (three of each in eight bundles). The body of the jellyfish has sixteen V-shaped stripes (the narrow part toward the center) and a round spot in the very center of the body. The spot and the inside of the “letters” are colored darker than the main color, which creates an interesting pattern and gives these jellyfish a special charm.

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Olindias phosphoric

Flower hat jelly

One of the amazing and certainly beautiful sea creatures is a jellyfish from the class of limnomedusa (Limnomedusae) with a translucent body and the telling name Olindias phosphorica. The main feature of these unique creatures is their “illumination”. Olindias phosphorica lives in the coastal waters of Brazil, Japan, and Argentina, but meeting them is incredible luck. The venom of these jellyfish results in slight irritation on human skin. Perhaps this defenselessness, combined with its beauty, are some of the reasons for the current paucity of this species.