Most Beautiful Roses In The World

What is the most beautiful rose in the world? People since ancient times have sought to ennoble their homes with beautiful flowers. And by right, the favorites among them are roses. Whether gently pink or aggressively red, small or large, they have won the hearts of millions. We present to your attention five of the most beautiful roses in the world!

1. Rose Pierre de Ronsard

Rose Pierre de Ronsard

This rose tops the list of the most beautiful roses in the world. The plant was named after the talented 16th-century French poet Pierre de Ronsard. Its big bud (10-12cm) with a soft cream color and a lavender-pink core is easily recognized and not only enraptures pop stars, but also ordinary mundane girls. This flower is popularly nicknamed the paradise rose because of its exquisite appearance. Despite the fact that the appearance of Pierre de Ronsard resembles ancient varieties, the rose was bred from modern hybrids.

2. Gallica rose hybrids

Gallica rose hybrids

The first mention of Gallica rose hybrids appeared in the 17th century, the hybrids were bred by crossing wild Rosa gallica, known as early as the 15th century, with other roses. The height of the bush is 0.8 to 1.4 meters and the diameter of the flowers is nine centimeters. Some of the most beautiful of the hybrids are Rosa gallica versicolor also known as Rosa Mundi, semi-blossom with pink and carmine petals accentuated with white streaks.

 3. Rose Gloire de Dijon

Rose Gloire de Dijon

Gloire de Dijon is another beautiful variety, although the history of its origin is unknown, the rose immediately became popular with gardeners from its appearance. The flowers of the plant are cup-shaped and large with wavy petals of creamy yellow, fading to pale yellow or yellow-brown. The flowers are ten centimeters in diameter. The buds are easily spoiled by rain, but the rose stands well in a cut. In the tropics this rose can bloom all year round, in more temperate climates it blooms early and enjoys its blooms until the frost. It’s one of the most beautiful roses in the world.

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4. Rose de Rescht

Rose de Rescht

The fourth place rose in the Portland class. It is called Rose de Resht after the Frenchwoman Nancy Lindsey brought it back into the world. Madame Lindsay claimed to have found this rose near the town of Rescht in Persia and began to cultivate it in her nursery. The true name of this rose is lost. The height of the rose does not exceed 90cm. It needs very little pruning, and blooms in waves once every six weeks. The rose has a very strong and pleasant fragrance.

5. Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world. The world owes the creation of the rainbow rose to the Dutchman Pieter Van de Werken. For several years the owner of a flower company tried to dye the petals of roses with different colors, but this method was not justified, the paint got dirty with people’s hands and such a rose would hardly be aesthetically pleasing.

But in an experiment that lasted about six months, the florist succeeded in producing a rose with colorful petals. Neither genetic engineering nor selection was involved in the birth of this beautiful flower. The process of making a rose is painstaking, but it is based on the simple principle that a flower absorbs water through its stem. During the formation of the flower, special dyes are injected into the stem of the plant, which rise to the bud and color the petals in different colors. And to create a unique flower, only white roses are taken.