Most Colorful Freshwater Fish

Aquarium fish are popular pets. Observing the behavior of fish is soothing, relaxing, and peaceful. Marine aquariums tend to be filled with more colorful inhabitants, but you can also find many beautiful fish in freshwater reservoirs. What are the most colorful freshwater fish?

10 most colorful freshwater fish:

Koi Carp

Koi Carp fish

Koi or brocade carp (Cyprinus carpio haematopterus) are ornamental freshwater carp. There is a huge variety of color variations of koi from lemon yellow to black. The most common are orange, red, brown and black koi carp. Lemon, lilac and green coloration of fish scales are considered rare. These fish are valued in the tens, if not thousands, of U.S. dollars per fish. Koi – bright and unpretentious fish, which can be kept, both in amateur aquariums, and in decorative ponds.


Discus fish

Discus (Symphysodon) are beautiful fish that have earned the title of kings of freshwater aquariums with their colors. One of the most colorful freshwater fish. The natural color of discus scales is opaque and consists of shades of brown. Selection work has produced bright, attractive fish in a variety of colors. Discus are intelligent fish with complex behavior. They are always interesting to watch, in addition, this sight is pleasing to the eye.

Motoro Leopoldi stingray

Motoro Leopoldi stingray

Stingrays are among the most colorful fish. The stingray Moto Leopoldi (Potamotrygon leopoldi) is considered the most beautiful freshwater fish kept in aquariums. He is also popular among collectors. Compact size stingray (up to 25 cm) can contain it in amateur aquariums. It is necessary to provide loose soil and free the bottom from unnecessary decorations, so that the stingray Moto Leopoldi could swim freely. This freshwater fish looks spectacular in aquariums imitating the seabed.



Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) are very popular freshwater aquarium inhabitants. To date, there is a wide variety of color variations and hybrid forms of these fish, including the violettail, telescope, lionfish, shubunkin and many others. Goldfish can contain even beginners, as they are quite unpretentious and are a decoration of any aquarium. However, it is worth remembering that goldfish should be fed regularly and not overfeed, as obesity can severely affect not only their mobility and health, but also lead to death.

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Hybrid Parrot

Hybrid Parrot fish

Hybrid (red) parrots are interesting and colorful fish. The head of these fish has some similarities with the head of real birds, thanks to which, the fish got its name. Parrotfish are interesting not only in their appearance, but also in the history of their appearance, which is still unknown. The thing is that the South Asian suppliers of these hybrids keep the history of their appearance and coloring technology in strict secrecy. There is a possibility that the hybrid parrots are descended from the Cichlasoma northum. Fans can only enjoy the bright, original fish and speculate. Parrots can please their owners with offspring, but it will be colorless.

Cichlazoma nerum Red Pearl

Cichlazoma nerum Red Pearl fish

The Cichlazoma nortum Red Pearl (Heros severum var. “Red Pearl”) has a second unofficial name “false discus” for its distant resemblance in appearance. Cichlasoma severum (Cichlasoma severum) – a large fish, but non-aggressive disposition. Only during the spawning period, fish may exhibit increased irritability associated with the remaining instincts to protect their territory. Red pearl fish have a bright color. They are majestic and calm. Their movements are smooth and graceful. These fish are rightly among the ten most colorful and beautiful fish in the world.

Yellow cichlid hummingbird

Yellow cichlid hummingbird

Labidochromis yellows, or yellow cichlid-colibri (Labidochromis caeruleus “yellow”) is a beautiful fish often found in marine aquarium simulations. The cichlida colibri has bright yellow scale coloration, which is considered rare among tropical freshwater fish. Labidochromis hellebores are very fun, agile fish. They are interesting to watch, in addition, they literally liven up the aquarium and its inhabitants. It is worth noting that, despite its origin, cichlida hummingbird fish are not confrontational, it gets along well with any fish of large and medium size. One of the most colorful freshwater fish.

Red Neon

Red Neon fish

Neons (Paracheirodon) are small, bright, gregarious fish and one of the most colorful freshwater fish. Neon scales are so bright that they appear to glow. Bring one fish is not humane and not aesthetically pleasing. Need to keep at least six fish of this species to see all their beauty. Neons have a moderate mobility: they can be calm and peacefully plow through the aquarium expanses, and can “animate” his movement of local residents. As gregarious fish, neons get along well with other gregarious fish (danio, barbs and others). Neons look great in aquariums of all sizes, but breeding them is very difficult.


Guppies fish

Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are the most popular fish in the world.  Guppies are bright colored freshwater aquarium fish. Today there is a huge variety of guppie breeds. You can find fish of many colors from the usual monochrome to extraordinary variations. Male guppies differ with long glorious tails, the same females can not boast of this. The so-called non-breed guppies are great for beginners. They are not demanding in terms of housing, water quality and food. They can breed even in the worst conditions. But under such conditions, they lose their bright attractive color, becoming faded and unsightly. Pedigree guppies are finicky fish. They are demanding in the first place to the quality of water and food. It is also necessary to select suitable non-aggressive “neighbors” for guppies to keep the beautiful tails of males from biting off.

Handsome chromis

Handsome chromis fish

Chromis handsome (Hemichromis guttatus) is a member of the cichlid family. Handsome chromis is one of the most colorful freshwater fish. It has a bright coloring, and the many glowing dots on its body shimmer with each movement of the chromis handsome. These fish are unfriendly and aggressive. They are dangerous to fish of any size, especially during the spawning and hatching period. During this period, chromis are particularly aggressive. Because of this fish species is recommended to keep apart.

Fish are some of the most beautiful creatures inhabiting the water expanses of the planet. Scientists-breeders continue their efforts to create new breeds of fish, so today you can buy individuals of different sizes and colors. Bright and original fish are the decoration of any aquarium, which is why they are so popular.