Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are the most loyal friends. Everyone knows this, but finding the right pet can sometimes be difficult. When experienced dog owners are asked about what breed of dog is the best, he is sure to point to the breed of their pet.

That said, arguing with such people is useless, as they wouldn’t have pets if they were negative about them. You should choose a pet not only by its appearance, because they are all good and beautiful in their own way.

When deciding to get a dog, you should consider your own preferences and personality traits, because pets also have feelings, favorite activities, and so on. Love and loyalty of a pet is actually not difficult to earn – he will treat everyone positively who will show reciprocity.

As for people’s attitude towards dogs, not many of them are willing to endure the antics of a pet without loving it completely. That’s why when choosing a particular breed of pet, you should consider all its peculiarities.

What are the most popular dog breeds in the world? Our article presents 20 dog breeds that many people like. This list includes species suitable for guarding, training, playing with children, etc.

In addition, the description gives the main characteristics of each breed, by which it will be easy to decide which one to get.

The most popular dog breeds in the world for the apartment (and not only). Rating 2022

The Scottish Setter

This breed was bred back in the early 19th century. Otherwise it is called Gordon. These animals appeared after experimenting with ancient black and tan dogs, which were in the kennel of the Dukes of Gordon, from which the second name came.

The Scottish Setter is a hunting breed. Dogs belonging to it are considered some of the most hardy and intelligent animals. Their intelligence is above average, which has been proven by a large number of tests.

At the same time, pets behave perfectly calm and get along well in families with children, are amenable to training and always obey their owners.

Golden Retriever

two Golden Retrievers

This classy breed is considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These dogs are distinguished by their large size and long hair. Is golden retriever a good first dog? They are always active, loyal and family-oriented, so if you want to have a friend for adults and children, you should choose the Golden Retriever.

At the same time, the animals are not aggressive towards strangers if they do not plan to do anything bad to the owners. Other advantages of the breed can be called a high level of intelligence and ease of training.

As for the disadvantages, these include the dog’s demand for frequent walks, since activity is an integral part of their life.

The Yorkshire Terrier

This small and cute dog is known by everyone. They are more often purchased by girls due to their attractive appearance. The considered breed has a rather “lively” and agile character.

Dogs quickly react to the appearance of strangers, but will never hurt them, if those do not plan anything bad against the owners of the pet. The Yorkshire Terrier is easy to learn commands and is a great companion in any activity.

In addition, the fact that these animals practically do not shed is among the advantages – to keep their coat in normal condition, you should regularly send your pet for a model or hygienic haircut.


Bullmastiff with flowers

This rather beautiful breed was created in Great Britain back in the 19th century and is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It was originally intended for guarding large estates, and such dogs cope with this function even today.

Bullmastiff is a very strange name, but as you can guess, it came from the names of the cross-breeds – Bulldog and Mastiff. From the first animal inherited speed and vigor, from the second – the large size.

Dogs of this breed have been serving mankind faithfully for the second century already, not allowing to doubt themselves for a second.


The famous “nanny dog” is first of all distinguished by its “fluffiness” and large size. It looks like a large plush toy, but actually performs all the functions of a reliable pet.

Such animals love to play with children and will never give them offense, in addition, Newfoundlands can withstand the most annoying fun of kids.

In addition, it is important to note their intelligence – the level of intelligence of these dogs is much higher than the average, so they are very easy to train.

As for the disadvantages, among them stands out only the tendency to shedding, and because of the long hair, it is considered quite a serious problem for many owners.



One of the oldest representatives of decorative breeds continue to please people even in the 21st century. They are ideal for keeping in a compact apartment, as they are small in size and behave quite obediently.

Long walks and activity for these pets are absolutely not required.

The only nuance – pugs are not indifferent to food, because of which they are often diagnosed with obesity, so they still need activity.


The name of this breed comes from the area of its origin, and it is known for its energy and a wonderful attitude toward children. These dogs are always calm, and do not show aggression towards people, but need training from childhood.

“The ancestors” of Dalmatians are considered extinct Bengal Poynters, which experts decided to cross with Bull Terrier and English Poynter. In general, the breed came out quite beautiful and attractive to many people.

It is loved by adults and children, because with these pets you can have fun while feeling secure.


What are the best breeds for service dogs? Its Labrador. This breed was originally designed to help fishermen in pulling out nets, as well as finding lost things and the most fishy places. Today, however, Labradors are made as new friends because they are truly kind, sensitive, and intelligent, are also one of the most popular dog breeds in the world..

With these dogs it is always nice to play, they are easy to train and they perform all the commands of their owners. The only disadvantage of this breed is that its representatives can’t bear being alone, so it is better not to leave them alone in the apartment, even for a few hours.



Compact dogs have been known to mankind since the 3rd century. They were mentioned by Scottish Lord Osian, after which the breed became popular with Queen Elizabeth I. Today, Beagle dogs are actively hunting foxes, hares and birds.

At the same time, they are quite friendly, love photo shoots with their owners and are great with children. Beagles are always cheerful and love to spend time both outdoors and in the apartment. At the same time, they are considered quite intelligent.


Dogs with an intimidating appearance please every owner. They are always good-natured and playful, do not need special care and are patient with children.

Experts have discovered an interesting fact about this breed of pets – its representatives remain in their puppyhood during the first three years of their life and only then they begin to “grow up”.

Perhaps that is why they do not lose their mobility and understand children’s fun like no one else. However, Boxers also have negative qualities, for example, they do not like solitude and need long walks in the fresh air.

The Husky

Husky lies in the snow

This is the most popular dog breeds in the worldhas been known since the times of nomadic East Siberian peoples (Chukchi), who bred it. Back then Huskies were harnessed to narts, herded reindeer and guarded the home.

In general, now they are also ready to perform all these functions, but modern people do not breed them for such purposes. Pets get along well with children, obey their owners and do not show aggression.

In addition, Huskies have a sense of dignity. They are devoted to their owners, intelligent and reliable. At the same time, these animals vitally need constant physical activity, which is associated with the life of their ancestors, who daily dragged the sledge with people.


Small dogs with a kind and balanced character are especially liked by girls. They are considered the ideal option for small apartments. Such pets like to spend time actively, to take part in children’s games.

If the Chihuahuas will be alone with the owner, they won’t stir, and will quietly observe the activity of their friend. The considered breed especially people like for the inability to impose and to demand greater attention to themselves.

In addition, its representatives easily tolerate forced inactivity, so you can safely take them with you on trips, in addition, they perfectly fit into carrier bags and calmly wait there for the right time.


The breed, also called the Samoyed, was born before our era and to this day has never been intervened upon by breeders. Therefore, the first thing people like about it is its “pure” origin.

In ancient times, Laikas were used as sled dogs, as well as guards and hunters. Now, in addition, they are happy to play with children, carry out known commands and quickly learn new ones.

Their character is perfect because they like to work and are never lazy.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

Dogs that look like characters from criminal chronicles have a good disposition that only their owners can see. English bulldogs are a truly unique breed.

They are quiet, energetic and ideal for novice dog owners. From the disadvantages of animals, only their tendency to obesity is noted, although in this form they are even more liked by people.


Shrewd dogs are also known for their soulfulness and ability to keep their owners company in any situation. Such pets are not suitable for all people. They require a fair and firm owner, because only to him Dobermans are devoted undividedly.

The considered breed also differs in its distrust of strangers, due to which it is considered ideal for protection. At the same time, the animals are not considered to be confrontational or pugnacious, but due to the lack of reciprocity from the owner, they can be offended.



Pets with a lively character are considered great friends for young children. They are ready to go out and play with various toys at any moment. That said, Dachshunds are in serious need of systematic acquisition of new special toys.

Are dachshunds hunting dog? They are considered to be hunting dogs and therefore are always looking for new prey. In addition, the breed in question will be looking for something to do when they have to be alone in the apartment, waiting for their master from work.

In addition, due to hunting habits, dogs of this variety do not get along well with other pets.

The Canne Corso

A direct descendant of the ancient Italian Molosser dogs is considered an excellent guardian of any property. This breed has been known to people for more than five centuries, so it has already become accustomed to and thoroughly studied.

In ancient times, these dogs were often seen as participants in gladiatorial fights. They look pretty solid, and therefore it’s really not scary to go out in the street with them.

The most important is that they have enough load, otherwise they will simply stop loving their owner and obey his commands, and their overall health will begin to decline.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Smart and obedient dogs are small in size, don’t get in the way in the apartment and don’t shed. They have a balanced character, so they rarely snap even at strangers and one of the most popular dog breeds in the world..

These animals get along well with children and like to spend active time with them. Loneliness they tolerate easily, therefore, going to work, you may not worry about the condition of your furry friend.

Maltese Bolonka

Quite ancient and noble breed can not but please people. Its representatives are cheerful and playful at any time of the day or night. They are always ready to come to the aid of their owner. These dogs can easily get along in apartments, if you do not walk them for a long time.

Many people consider them to be great companions, because the Bolonts do not get in the way of doing important things, and they always show their courage and friendliness during hikes.

As for the negative aspects, this should include only the need for careful care of the ears, hair and eyes of pets to avoid unnecessary health problems.

 German Shepherd

 German Shepherd

The classy breed is the only one of its kind capable of eliciting enthusiastic unanimous reviews from humanity. The main qualities of these dogs can be called: loyalty, courage, the highest intelligence and intelligence.

German Shepherds are not removed in vain in various TV series, because they are really easy to learn and understand absolutely everything they hear from their owners. In addition, representatives of this breed are the best guardians of any room.

Sheepdogs are always attentive to all people, including children, never give them offence and will protect to the last, even seriously risking their own lives.

And if the owner suddenly doesn’t have time to train such a pet, he may well engage in “self-education” by himself, boasting in the future of the results achieved.

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