The Most Popular Flowers In The World

There is an endless variety of plants on our planet

Each of which makes the observer marvel at its aesthetics. Each flower is truly unique and unrepeatable. At different times, people have exalted some plants and feared others. Absolutely every flower has resonated in someone’s heart, but which one has captured the most hearts? What is the most popular flower in the world?

First, let’s go over those that also occupy a separate place in the lives of many people:

  • For example, lilies are very popular all over the world, because they have a light and delicate fragrance. These flowers are a symbol of purity and sublimity.
  • Daffodils have a controversial reputation and thus stand out among many. The ancient Greeks were ambivalent about this flower, while the Romans were the opposite. Warriors who won battles were greeted with bouquets of daffodils.
  • The tulip is one of the most traditional flowers. The delicate buds look unmatched aesthetically. More species of this flower allows to satisfy the desire of even the most capricious recipient of a bouquet of tulips.
  • Gerberas attract with their bright colors. The recipient of such a flower will definitely raise the mood.
orange roses

Roses is the Most Popular Flower

And the most common flower, which is known in almost every corner of the world, is the rose – a real queen of plants. It is in demand in all cultures and is considered an indispensable gift for most holidays. Not surprisingly, it is roses that have become a leader among the many beautiful flowers. The fact is that once in the interior, they instantly fill everything around with an atmosphere of love and warmth. They have been around for more than a century.

Nowadays you can see roses not only in flower stores, but also in movies, books and even in songs. These flowers are an integral part of modern culture. People even associate certain colors of the buds with emotions and feelings. For example, red roses represent passion, love and romance, blue roses represent loyalty, and white roses represent evenness.

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