Top 7 Most Popular Pizza Types

What is the most popular type of pizza? One of the most popular dishes in the world is considered pizza. A wide variety of recipes allows you to prepare a unique dish. Pizza is suitable for parties, family gatherings, holidays. If you want to know what is the most popular pizza in the world, this review will help you. 

Each country has its own recipe for the most popular pizza. The variety of toppings is hard to count. Such a dish can be made with any type of meat, vegetables, exotic seafood. There is even a variant for sweet tooth. Fruit, cream and chocolate are added to the dish. Lovers of exoticism can order or cook pizza with oysters and caviar. Different toppings are able to surprise everyone. So what is the most popular pizza in the top place?

Calzone pizza

The closed pizza includes mozzarella and tomato. Calzone pizza is one of the most popular pizza types.Some chefs prefer to use sun-dried tomatoes. Salami, pepperoni, any kind of mushrooms are added to it. Basil and oregano are considered important components. All the contents are in a yeast shell. During cooking, the product is smeared with olive oil. Closed form allows you to achieve an amazing softness and juiciness of all the components. Residents of some areas of Italy consider it not only the most popular pizza, but also a great snack.

Neapolitan pizza

The real Neapolitan pizza can be cooked only in a wood-fired oven. The finished dish has a soft, juicy middle, and the sides are ruddy and slightly toasted. A simple topping for such a dish is ripe tomatoes. The vegetables are carefully peeled from the skin. The recipe contains anchovies, mozzarella cheese. Supplemented with basil leaves or Italian herbs. The base can be covered with white or tomato sauce. 

most popular pizza types

Sea pizza

Sea pizza is one of the most popular pizza types.The fifth place in the ranking of the most popular pizzas in the world is “Sea pizza”. This is the most exquisite dish, which is prepared with fresh seafood. Ideal for lovers of gourmet cuisine. The combination of squid, shrimp, mussels and octopus with a creamy sauce is the most delicate thing you can have. And if it’s all seasoned with mozzarella cheese and herbs, the taste is divine. The abundance of varieties makes for a delicious dish with tuna or salmon. The sea one is suitable for people who control their own weight. 

Four cheeses pizza

Four cheeses pizza is one of the most popular pizza types. The first pizza was made in Naples. For a long time, it was considered the most popular type of pizza. The traditional version of the dish is represented by two types. You can use a base smeared with tomato sauce, or olive oil. The traditional cooking formula involves the use of 4 types of cheese. In the finished dish you can find hard, flavorful cheese, moldy and soft. 

Parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola and others are suitable for cooking. You can add olives or arugula, which provides extra crunch and juiciness. Fragrant stretchy consistency with a creamy flavor and spices every gourmet will appreciate. The homemade recipe allows substituting the above cheeses with other suitable options.

Diablo pizza

It’s one of the most popular pizza types. Fans of savory and spicy food with meat toppings have long appreciated Diablo pizza. Those who like their meat assortment with a simultaneous combination of fresh or pickled jalapeño peppers will love the spicy flavor. The dough base is dry yeast and olive oil. The hot sauce is added first, then the cheese is placed. Salami, mushrooms and peppers are placed on top. It will be a highlight on any table.

Four Seasons pizza

A variant for those who do not like monotony. A traditional recipe provides for the division of the pizza into four parts. Each ingredient symbolizes a season. Different regions of Italy have their own variations of toppings. On the first part are artichokes. Tomatoes and herbs are placed on the second. The third may consist of ham or other meats, to which mushrooms are added. On the last one you can see olives with pineapples. Different variations involve combining the most popular pizzas in a particular pizzeria.

most popular pizza
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Margarita pizza

In the top place gets the “Margarita”. It’s the most popular pizza types. The preparation is not complicated at all. For it you will need tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil. With a small number of components, the flavors are unique and balanced. Fans of classic options with bacon, sausage or meat may not appreciate the dish. But that’s until they try an authentic Italian margarita. Italy started the real story. The royal dish has a classic and seasoned recipe.

Now you know what the most popular pizzas are ordered daily not only in the world. The recipe for cooking and toppings are varied. You can cook the dish from any ingredients, and for each type there is a fan. Choose your favorite dish in the top most popular pizzas.