The Most Popular Sport In Australia

As in all countries of the world, sport is a very popular and exciting activity in Australia. The country, rich in cultural values, celebrates the successes of its contingents in various sports. Let’s talk about The Most Popular Sport In Australia

Rugby League

Rugby league, one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, is the most popular online sport in Australia.

In addition to the attention it receives in the digital world, some 466,182 players play rugby in Australia.

The sport originated in Australia at the turn of the twentieth century, specifically in the year 20.

Rugby league offers weekly matches in Australia’s domestic leagues.

In 2018, Australian Super Rugby League drew an average of 71,000 spectators, a 9% increase over the previous year.


As a fairly popular sport in Australia, basketball is considered the second most popular team sport in the region.


The sport also attracts about 1 million players in Australia.

The NBA is a major influence on the growth of basketball in faraway America, including the National Basketball League and the National Basketball League in Australia.

The National Basketball Team is also well covered in the media and has the support of Australians.

Basketball, which was first played in Australia in February 1897, is popular in some parts of Australia, such as Victoria.

 Big tennis

Tennis is one of the most beloved sports in the Australian digital space.

But tennis’ otherwise dominance has increased in recent years thanks to Grand Slam tournaments, such as the Australian Open Tennis Championships, which bring the best tennis players to Australian soil.

More than 2019 XNUMX Australians participated in the 796435 Australian Open Tennis Finals, a significant increase from the previous year.

The men’s Australian Open tennis final was watched by 1.58 million people, and the women’s final was watched by more than one million people.

Big tennis

This growth has made tennis one of the most popular sports in Australia.


More than a century ago, soccer was introduced to Australia.

Since then, the sport has seen an increase in the number of spectators and participants.

Soccer is the most popular outdoor sport in Australia.

The true passion of Australians for soccer is often evident when those famous in the sport compete against each other on Australian soil.

The 2015 match between Real Madrid and Manchester United drew some 99,000 participants.

About 3 million Australians watch the World Cup, and about 3.8 million watch the World Cup, the English Premier League or the Australian National Football League.

Rugby Union 

Not to be confused with rugby league, rugby union is very different from Australian rugby league.

Rugby Union has 15 players and differs from rugby league in the tackle scheme.

The Rugby Union 7 allows seven substitutions in a match, which is different from Rugby League.

The game, which dates back to the 19th century, has about 86,952 players in Australia.

The Australian rugby team, called the Wallabies, has had great success, winning the Rugby World Cup twice.



Growing steadily in recent years, golf has become one of the most popular sports in Australia.

First played in 1839, golf has since become one of the most beloved sports in Australia.

The PGA Tour of Australasia, which is one of the premier golf events in Australia, attracts some of the best golfers in the world.

The PGA Tour of Australasia also includes a large number of Australians who have made it through the tournament.

National Rugby League

National Rugby League (NRL) is no different from Rugby League rugby.

The NRL is played by men’s teams from Australia and New Zealand.

Some 116 million viewers around the world watched the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia and New Zealand.

In 2017, about 6.5 million Australians watched the NRL.

These clearly growing numbers prove that National Rugby League is one of the most popular sports in Australia.

American Football

American soccer or gridiron has been another fast-growing sport since its introduction to Australia during World War II.

American Football

American soccer is played by 2,500 players on 73 teams in Australia.

Australians also follow the action of the National Football League (NFL) in faraway America.

The Super Bowl is an event that particularly attracts thousands of Australians.


Australia has made headlines around the world in the field of cricket.

The beloved sport, which dates back to 1803, has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years.

Cricket, played by more than a million Australians, was watched by about 4 million people in 2015 when Australia beat New Zealand to win the Cricket World Cup.

The sport also benefits from incredible national participation, further increasing cricket’s popularity in Australia.

The rules of Australian soccer

Australian Rules, officially known as Australian Rules Football (AFL) or Australian Football, is the most popular sport in Australia.

It is a contact sport that involves eighteen players in a team.

The sport dates back to the 19th century and is rooted in Australian traditions.

The AFL is played by 1404176 registered players in 25770 clubs registered in 2016.

In 2017, more than 8.4 million Australians watched the Australian soccer grand final, making the AFL Australia’s most popular sport.

The popularity of the sport has spread beyond Australia to other countries such as China.


So, the top 10 most popular sports in Australia.

The fairness and emotions that are most often associated with sporting events are not absent in Australia.

Which Australian sport do you think fans love should have been on this list?

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