What Is The Most Popular Tea In England

The love of the British for tea has led to certain varieties that today are associated with Foggy Albion. The most popular tea in England is Earl Grey. This drink owes its name to the diplomat Earl Charles Grey, who in the 19th century oversaw the tea supplies to the Queen’s court. By the way, even today Gray’s descendants are engaged in tea manufacturing.

A distinctive feature of this tea is the addition of bergamot oil, which imparts a tart taste and characteristic aroma to the beverage. After 150 years, this variety has not gone out of style. There are also tea modifications, such as the Lady Grey for the ladies: its taste is milder and more delicate because of the orange and lemon peel that is added to the tea leaves.

Other varieties were preferred by the British.

Among the traditional varieties that are drunk in Britain, the most popular tea in England :

  • Darjeeling, is a tea that has been given the unofficial middle name of “champagne tea.” The drink, with its delicate, musky flavor and light infusion color, is truly reminiscent of sparkling wine. It is best suited for afternoon tea.
  • “English Breakfast” – the name of the variety hints at the best time to make the drink. It is a tonic blend, usually accompanied by milk, cream, and sugar.
  • Assam is an Indian tea that is used in the creation of blends, in its pure form the drink is too strong, for the liking. “Biscuit Crust” is what the British call the color of the original brewed Assam.

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