The Top 6 Weird Drinks In The World

It is commonly believed that countries are judged by their national cuisine, and the people – by their gastronomic preferences. But the experienced tourist knows that the most frank secrets lie in the drinks preferred by locals. We chose six of the weird drinks in the world.

Colorful Beer in Japan

In Japan, you can taste beers of many colors. Japan’s famous Abashiri brewery pours blue, green, red, and purple beer. The weird drinks varies not only in color, but also in variety and name.

The producers of colorful beer admit that they are inspired by the seasons of Hokkaido, where the headquarters of the company is located. For example, the blue beer is made from melting icebergs, and the pink beer is made from purple potatoes of the autumn harvest.

Soda water with unusual flavors in Japan

Residents of Japan are those who like to turn ordinary dishes into weird drinks. The famous local company Ramun makes sparkling water with unusual tastes.

Titicaca frog juice in Peru

But one of the inhabitants of Lake Titicaca in Peru is already on the verge of extinction. The fact is that locals and tourists have become very fond of weird drinks called “Peruvian Viagra,” whose main ingredient is the Titicaca frog.

To make a liter of this cocktail, a live frog is beaten against the walls of the aquarium until it loses consciousness. It is then skinned and ground in a blender. It is mixed with poppy seeds, honey, aloe, and spicy bean soup. The throat-burning drink is hugely popular, causing conservationists to advocate a ban on its production. Hurry to Peru, it may be your last glass.

Taller Breasts Cocktail in Thailand

As the drink’s advertising campaign claims, “it treats sagging, dull and small breasts without surgery or medication.” The Kinohimitsu company makes this magical cocktail from a blend of papaya, peach, royal jelly, vitamin C, and fish collagen with Pueraria spatula root.

Residents of Thailand have been using this plant in folk medicine for more than half a century for heat attacks during menopause. Producers of the weird drinks themselves assure that poyeraria spatula can cure anything, even from breast diseases. Meanwhile, buyers are lining up for the miracle cocktail.

Bird’s nest drink in China

And Chinese manufacturers have brought their own product to market that they claim promotes rejuvenated and smooth skin. It is a bird’s nest drink, which the salanganes coil from their own saliva. The saliva of these birds contains many nutrients for liver health and skin softening, making it considered a delicacy in China and selling for $1 a gram.

Since not many Chinese can afford to pay such a price for a nest of salanganes, producers have come up with the idea of making a mineral drink from them that has a sweet floral flavor. They say there are still lumps of nests floating in the drink.

A drink made from panda excrement in China

The most enterprising in our top was a Chinese lecturer from Sichuan University, An Yangshi. This man started growing green tea in panda excrement and even patented this unusual method.

At the presentation of his “Ecological Panda Tea,” An argued that the panda body extracts only one-third of the useful substances from the bamboo, and the rest is excreted in their feces. Thus, the leaves of the tea grown in them absorb these beneficial substances. But be prepared to pay $7,000 for 100 grams of panda drink.

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