Top Coffee Syrups

The evolution of coffee drinks eventually led to the emergence of many variations. Now gourmets are interested in trying something new, unusual. In the past, to diversify the taste of their favorite drink, coffee used to add spices, spices, and lemon.  But today baristas have developed a huge number of recipes, the main ingredients of which, in addition to coffee and milk, are various additives in the form of syrups. That’s why we’ve put together Top Coffee Syrups for you.

The popularity of syrups for coffee is growing every day. The assortment of additives is huge, but how do you choose the best combination?

For true connoisseurs, we have prepared top rated coffee syrups and the best manufacturers of these products. 

Top best syrups for coffee

All popular syrups on the market can be divided into several groups, depending on the flavors:

  • Fruit and berries – a fairly extensive group, which includes flavors of banana, strawberry, orange and other fruits and berries;
  • tiramisu, crème brûlée, plombard, etc. can be found in the category of desserts, in addition to everyone’s favorite chocolate;
  • nut flavors are no less popular – almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, as well as coconut and others;
  • As for spices, they were used as an additive to coffee drinks a long time ago, and now they have also appeared as syrups, such as cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Different syrups go with different drinks. The perfect recipe for yourself can be discovered through simple experimentation. But we’ll cover the most combinable options as an example.
bottle of maple syrup

Coffee syrups and toppings. Which syrup for coffee is better to choose?

If you have decided to diversify your coffee menu and do not know where to start, we recommend paying attention to popular syrups. You can choose a syrup to go with each of the existing coffee drinks that will accentuate their flavors.

Here are a few examples:

  • Latte and cappuccino lovers will love their combination with caramel syrups. This additive will impress you with its light flavor. It will also soften the strength of the coffee;
  • Chocolate syrup is a wonderful addition to a Turkish-style coffee or espresso. This additive is also often used in the preparation of cold coffee-based cocktails;
  • If you like it sweet and sour, add berry syrup to your coffee. Raspberry or strawberry syrup is a great way to infuse an Arabica coffee;
  • Cinnamon is good with almost any beverage and can be used with both espresso and specialty coffees. It will give your drink a spicy touch and open it up with a new side.

It should be understood that the above combinations are not the rule. Your own recipe you will create only by experimenting with different flavors and drinks. And create your own Top Coffee Syrups. And many manufacturers, in order to encourage customers to invent new interesting combinations, offer in their catalogs sets of syrups, in which there are several small-sized containers with different additives.

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