Useless Fun Fact

The most useless fun facts from around the world and throughout the history of mankind.
A thread that has garnered tens of thousands of comments in a matter of days. Picked the top 20 for you.

Why bother with boring encyclopedias when you always have social media at your fingertips? There are many smart people here who will share with you only the most interesting and useful facts. Shine them in any conversation! Even if they are irrelevant.

The next time you start to get to know a girl, feel free to start the conversation with the phrase “Did you know that…”. Especially since right now you have a huge number of facts that will interest anyone. And if not interested, it means, it’s just not your person.

Well, thousands of people from all over the Internet can’t be wrong. They have so much information in their heads that you need an extra head to remember everything. We do not know in what situation it (the information, not the head) can be useful to you in real life, but it is at least interesting, and in some places even funny.

It all started when a Reddit user suggested that the rest of us poke around with some useless fun facts. The thread instantly became the most popular discussion. Hopefully, it’ll help you win some Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

20 useless fun facts

1. First useless fun fact: You can die if you eat polar bear liver. That’s because the daily allowance of vitamin A for humans is 800-900 mcg, and 100 grams of liver contains 400,000 mcg. If a bear eats your liver, you will die too.

2. Many Korean tales begin not with “once upon a time long ago,” but with the phrase “the period when tigers smoked.” Apparently, so long ago tobacco was so cheap that everyone smoked in general.

3. In hot weather, the nectar can get fermented and the bees can get pretty drunk. “Drunk” bees are not allowed back into the hive.

4. Cows moo with a regional accent.

5. Before the invention of the light bulb, people slept an average of about 10 hours each night. But got up a couple of times a night to melt the stove.

6. The #1 buyer of explosives in the world is the U.S. military. No. 2 is Disney. (read: Fun Facts About Disney Movies)


7. The human body can produce enough carbon in cremation to make 200 pencils.

8. Marge Simpson was supposed to have bunny ears under her hair, and the reveal was planned for the end of season one.

9. All clownfish are born male. The dominant clownfish turns into a female. When the female dies, the next dominant male enters motherhood. Yes, Nemo’s daddy is now his new mom.

10. Some female penguins engage in prostitution – performing sexual acts in exchange for pebbles to build a house. However, sometimes they just trick the male into thinking they will have sex and then run away as soon as they get the pebble.

11. Ants sleep 250 times a day.


12. A day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days, and a year lasts 224.7 Earth days. Also, Venus rotates in reverse, so the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

13. The human eye has a different immune system than the rest of the body. If they knew about each other, the eyes would begin to dissolve as our immune system would begin to attack them. Fortunately, our brain would not allow this to happen.

14. The number one gin in the world is a brand that is only sold in the Philippines. And despite the fact that you can only buy it in the country (it is simply not exported), its sales are superior to other gin brands around the world.

15. If you smell fish but no one is cooking nearby, chances are some appliances in the house are dangerously hot and about to catch fire.

16. The longest female beard was 36 centimeters.

17. Rhinos have only 5% fat, and that fat is on the soles of their feet, making them practically silent even at full sprints. Imagine you’re walking at night and a truck rushes at you out of nowhere that you can’t hear.

18. Saddam Hussein wrote an erotic novel. At least he is credited with the authorship of a book called Zabiba and the King.

19. Almost all Koreans have a genetic mutation that makes them unable to smell their bodies. Among other things because of this, you will have a hard time finding deodorant in most stores – they just don’t sell it.

20. Last Useless Fun Fact: The treadmill was actually an instrument of punishment in prisons. The expression “to dance on the step mill” (as the prototype of the treadmill was called) meant “to serve one’s sentence in a penal colony.” In 1902, the step ladder was deemed inhumane and its use was banned. Eleven years later, Henry Ford slightly changed the design of the step mill and turned it into a conveyor belt.