What is the most popular color in the world?

The British market research company YouGov conducted a survey among the residents of 10 countries located on different continents. The goal of the survey is to find out the most popular color in the world.

The study found that the majority of respondents prefer blue to all other colors. The statistical report of the survey reported that in each of the countries where the study was conducted, at least 8% more fans of blue than other colors. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has the greatest number of blue fans. There are 33% of them. The second position in the ranking of colors in different countries is taken by green, red, and purple.

But it is necessary to notice that the color preferences of people depend on the most different factors. First of all, it is the national traditions of this or that country. The choice of your favorite color is also influenced by gender, age, where this color is used, – clothing, interiors, etc.

the most popular color in the world is blue

Why blue is the most popular color in the world?

Blue evokes many positive emotions, from the feeling of reliability from police uniforms to the feeling of comfort and convenience of jeans. In some cultures, blue is a sacred color, while in others the color means real hard work. For all of us, blue signifies purity and a sense of stability, which are directly related to the eternal beauty of the sea and sky.

Blue is used in the home not only to create calm and harmony in the interior but also as an ideal color for small rooms that require light. It visually extends the surface, making the space seem larger. And the paler the blue, the stronger the effect

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