Which country drinks the most alcohol in the world?

Which country drinks the most alcohol in the world? It is the Cook Islands.

The degree of attachment of the population of different countries to hot drinks is determined by the annual volume of alcohol consumption in liters per capita over the age of 15. Thus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) for 2019, the Cook Islands led the world in this indicator (12.97 liters). In second place was Latvia (12.90 liters), with the Czech Republic in third place (12.73 liters). Lithuania (11.93 liters) and Austria (11.90 liters) rounded out the top five.

The Czech Republic was the world leader in beer consumption (6.77 liters). France was predictably ahead of the rest of the world in wine consumption (6.44 liters).

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For spirits, the Cook Islands again led the way (7.07 liters). Rum and rum-based cocktails accounted for about half of all alcohol consumed in that country.